Primary School Tutoring

Happy Easter weekend!
La Mer is so pleased to be supporting children from all around Sydney. We are blessed to be located in the very convenient Birkenhead Point and mums are loving the location. La Mer is enjoying immensely the opportunity to work with students, one on one, and to formulate a personalised learning and wellbeing portfolio. This ensures a boost in confidence and a strengthening of the child’s results and performance in their classroom.
Thank you to the families who have already brought their child along for a free meet and meet.
Don’t forget, we are open everyday during the school holidays from 9 to 2pm and the cost during the Easter school break is reduced to $25 per hour. Please join us and use the holiday time productively where your child can have fun and do lots of creative learning as well.

Hi, I’m Max and I love learning at La Mer. I feel so much more confident in my classroom and I no longer feel nervous to read out loud to my teacher.